Ibaco ice creams in Sivakasi

Summer is the time when you crave for something cool. The heat in Sivakasi makes you long for an ice cream. And who can say no to some yummy ice cream. No child or an adult can resist an offer to have an ice cream.  And if the ice cream comes from Ibaco, then it is bound to melt in your mouth in minutes. Ibaco ice creams come from the Hatsun Agro Product group. Hatsun is one of the largest dairy producer in South India. The ice creams and the ice cream cakes come in various exotic flavors.

Ibaco Ice creams

Ibaco in SivakasiIbaco is an ice cream outlet chain that offers mouth watering irresistible ice creams to the customers. Ibaco has a wide spread of 36 different flavors of rich creamy ice creams to choose from along with 10 varieties of sauces that include blueberry sauce, strawberry sauce,  mulberry sauce, dutch chocolate sauce, Irish coffee sauce and more with 12 types of decorative toppings. Whether it is an ice cream or sundae, the taste is exotic and delightful. All the products are made from fresh cow milk under hygienic conditions. Ibaco has opened its first franchise in Sivakasi bringing cheer to the ice cream lovers of the city. Whether it is to celebrate a special occasion or to satisfy your craving, Ibaco ice creams are available at:

Address: SH 187, Kamarajapuram Colony, Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu 626123
Phone: 1800 425 3355
Mobile: 9655794990 (Krishna Moorthi)

The Flavors of Ibaco

All the flavors of the ice creams at Ibaco are carefully tasted and selected from around the world. Each ingredient is carefully brought from its place of origin. The ice cream cakes are available from 600 grams pack that serves 6 people to 1 kg pack that serves 12.

Ibaco lets you create your own choice of sundae and ice cream bars. You get to combine your choice of flavors, sauces and toppings. You can blend the flavours and get them scooped in a cone.  The ice cream can be enjoyed in combination flavors of Belgian Chocolate, Cream and cookie, Butterscotch, Bean Vanilla, Almond Crunch, Caribbean Almond Fudge, Fruit Bonanza and Black Currant. And the toppings include chocolate shavings, assorted nuts, chocolate slabs and red cherries.

Ibaco Ice cream cakes

Ice cream cakes from IbacoThe ice cream cakes from Ibaco were first introduced in two flavors of Choco Frosted Heaven and Butterscotch Almond Amore. Now they come in four different flavors of Butterscotch Almond Amore, Fruit & Blackcurrant Dazzle, Choc√≥ Frosted Heaven and Caribbean Cookie Castle.  The thin cakes are carefully layered with some sauce in between and topped with whipped cream and the sides of the cake can be coated with almonds with chocolate fudge at the bottom and cake as the first layer.

Ice cream cakes give unique way of celebrating special moments like birthdays and anniversaries. A cake serving 12 will cost Rs.799.  And like ice cream bars and sundae, you get to customize the cake with your choice of flavor and toppings.

All the ice cream lovers and pastry lovers in Sivakasi can satisfy their taste buds at one place. Visit Ibaco and taste their innovative products that make you keep coming for more.

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