Top 5 Sivakasi Excursions to Take Your Breath Away

We all love nature and we all try to find some moments in our life when we can be near nature. Most of the time we visit parks located close to our homes as it is not possible to visit a natural attraction every now and then as most of them are situated outside the boundaries of the city. Although whenever we have a holiday in our hand and time, we are always ready to head out to some natural place like waterfall, lake, beach or even a hill close to our city. Here are some of the natural attractions located within a limited boundary of 50 Km from Sivakasi to enjoy:

Sanjeevi Hills

 a famous tourist spot near Sivakasi

Most of the people in India have heard the heroic story of the Lord Hanuman bringing the entire Sanjeevani hill to Lanka rather than the only herbal plant required to save the unconscious Laxmana in the epic Ramayana. Although, only a few people are aware about the fact that after the use of it, he throw it away later and it is believed that the same is the Sanjeevi Hills of Sivakasi. It is located at a mere distance of about 3 Km from Rajapalayam on the way to chatrapatti and provides an opportunity to mix ancient history and adventure together for the people visiting this part of Tamil Nadu.

Distance from Sivakasi: 35 Km

Sastha Falls

waterfall near Sivakasi
Image Credit@Nandini.palaniappan

Water, animals and rocks make a great combination for any nature lover and Sastha Falls offer all of them at one place to all of the vacationers and local people. The place is very charismatic and a lot of people enjoy their day here by planning a picnic with their friends and family. People get to see waterfalls full of cool water and rocks and enjoys both their bath and playful sliding here. Many times people have spotted deers, wild buffaloes and elephants at the place while enjoying their picnic at their favorite picnic spot. Sastha Falls is located at a distance of about and 12 km from Devadanam and 27 Km from Rajapalayam.

Distance from Sivakasi: 50 Km

Ayyanar Falls

a beautiful fall near Sivakasi

Temple, forest and water makes Ayyanar Falls the best place to visit in everybody’s list including kids, teenagers, adults and old age people. It serves the purpose of a perfect family outing for all. A lot of enthusiast from our younger generation like to do forest mountaineering here while most of the older people like to go the Ayyanar Temple located closely.  As far as kids are concerned they enjoy all of the offerings of the fall as they love water, mysterious forest and off course the prasadam given in the temple to the devotees.

Distance from Sivakasi: 35 Km

Kullur Sandhai Reservoir

Reservoir near Sivakasi
Image Credit@Sathish Raghavan

Another picnic spot for the people of Sivakasi, Kullur Sandhai Reservoir is a perfect place for water and bird lovers. It is located in the town of Kullur Sandhai and has an adjacent children’s park to have fun and play, while the elder’s are busy in enjoying their bird watching. However, due to the negligence of the government the place has become a nightmare these days. Only things you can find their now are some floating islands of green grass in to the water and a horrible rocky path to reach at the place. Although many terrestrial and aquatic birds still visit the reservoir between November and March and some people find it a perfect place for reading and bird watching.

Distance from Sivakasi: 30 Km

Pilavakkal Dam

dam near Reservoir

Pilavakkal Dam is one of the most famous picnic spots of Virudunagar district and just like the Kullur Sandhai Reservoir, it also has an adjacent children’s park to play and enjoy. It is divided between two parts namely Periyar and Kovilar Dam and both have a capacity of 133 mft and 192 mft respectively.  October and December are the months to visit the place as the dam gets filled at the same time. Surrounded by the majestic hills of Western Ghats on three sides and a manmade wall on the fourth side, the dam offers a breathtaking view to the picnickers.  And if you are more on adventure and risk taking side, you have the opportunity to explore the hills with some caution as many animals and reptiles can be found in the deep forest.

Distance from Sivakasi: 50 Km
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